We are happy to take the time to provide one-on-one bra fittings to ensure you are wearing a perfectly sized bra!

The Importance of a Properly Fitted Bra

It is estimated that 4 out of 5 women are wearing an improperly fitted bra. You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve experienced one of our bra fittings and been correctly sized!

A properly fitted bra feels more comfortable, plus helps your clothing fit and hang better on your form. In essence, a correctly fitted foundation garment is the first step to feeling confident and looking your best.

Bra Fittings at Above Average

All the staff at Above Average are trained to do fittings to help you find your perfect bra size! We have set up our fitting rooms to be as inviting as possible, and make every effort to make each person who walks through our door feel comfortable with the process. Our bra fittings are complimentary, and our staff are happy to answer any of your questions.


With the new ‘Covid 19’ rules, we can only do one bra fitting at a time.
It is best if you pre book your appointment and you can to that here.
Each appointment will be 30 minutes and we ask that you bring a mask to wear during fitting.
Let us help you look and feel your best.

Step 1


We accurately measure your rib cage to get your band size, then take a measurement around your bust line while you are wearing a non-padded bra. With these measurement, we determine your correct bra size.

Step 2

Your Body Type

Different bra styles suit different bodies. Your shoulder slope, bust shape, and the shape of your torso are subtle differences that affect which style works best for you. Our staff can recommend the cut and shape that is perfect for you!

Step 3


We have a huge range of sizes and styles, so the last step is finding a bra you like and trying it on! Our fitting rooms are large enough for you and a staff member, and each room has a clean robe for you to wear in case you need to leave the changeroom